How to update Parrot Asteroid Classic ?

Parrot ASTEROID Classic is updated using a USB drive. Make sure that your USB drive is formatted in FAT32 (and not in NTFS). To format a USB drive in FAT32, open the control panel and select Administration Tools > Manage computer > Manage disks. Then right click on your USB drive and select Format > FAT32.

  1. Download the update file by clicking on the flag corresponding to your language. The file downloaded in .plf format corresponds to the update file to be installed on your Parrot hands-free kit. Do not confuse this with a .pdf file opened with Adobe Reader.

  2. Copy the file to the root directory of your USB drive, without putting it in a folder.

  3. Insert the USB drive into a USB port on the car radio (or via the USB extension lead provided, which should be connected to the black USB port).

  5. Turn on Parrot ASTEROID Classic.

  6. Disconnect your Apple devices (iPod / iPhone / iPad) before installing the update file

  7. on your Parrot ASTEROID Classic.

  8. Select Settings > Advanced Settings > Update.

  9. > The car radio will detect the update.

  10. Wait until the device has restarted.

  11. The installation of version 1.4.2 (or later) will erase your settings, pairings and saved radio stations.

Update : 15/10/2018
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