Smart Flights

I take automatic shots thanks to my drone’s artificial intelligence / impressive shots, like in the movies

Smart Flights

Smart Flights, revolution in flight

Aerial selfies, shooting assistance, etc. Easily take the most original videos ever seen from the sky. Thanks to your drone’s embedded intelligence and your FreeFlight Pro application, you can launch incredible automated flights, Smart Flights, around you and your friends. Exploit your drone’s full potential and amaze your friends with your movies!


Do you need a framing assistant for your aerial movies? Then CAMERAMAN mode is for you: You only control the movement of the drone; your subject is automatically framed.

Touch & Fly function

Explore the world by simply pointing at positions on your map. Touch the screen with your finger and your drone will immediately go there while maintaining its altitude

Sport and Video Mode

Accuracy at your fingertips. Customize your drone’s flight behavior thanks to two dedicated modes. Video mode ensures the best configuration for your shots and Sport mode ensures the best settings for high speed flying. 

Magic Dronies

Put new, immediately shareable videos on social networks or messaging services. Four types of automated, aerial selfies are available in the Follow Me and Touch&Fly features.


1. Orbit

Your drone goes around you in horizontal rotation while keeping you in the center of the image

2. Boomerang

Goes out and comes back, up to about twenty meters, keeping you face-on, in the center of the image

3. Parabola

Flies above you, forming a semicircle, starting in front of you and finishing behind you

4. Tornado

Rises and gradually comes back down in a spiral while keeping you within the frame


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Auto Shots

Some shots require advanced level flying skills. We have automated them and made them available to you so that you can easily achieve them.


1. 360°

Your drone turns in a 360° circle and captures the entire surrounding landscape

2. Reveal

Your drone advances filming the ground and gradually lifts up the camera angle to reveal the landscape on the horizon

3. Epic

Your drone gradually moves away over 60 m to put the landscape into perspective

4. Rise

Your drone goes up, with the camera facing the ground, and gradually turns its view towards the horizon ending with a panorama revealing the surroundings

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