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  1. Zik 1, 2.0, and 3 mini-jack cable

    Mini-jack cable compatible with Parrot Zik, Zik 2.0, and Zik 3 headsets

    9,99 €
  2. Parrot Zik 2.0 and Zik 3 battery

    Rechargeable 830mAH lithium-ion battery for Parrot Zik 2.0 and Zik 3 headsetsPCM (Protection Circuit Mode) to protect the battery against overcharging, undercharging and short ...

    29,99 €
  3. Battery for Parrot Bebop 2

    1 battery for the Parrot Bebop 2 and the Parrot Skycontroller (Black Edition)Rechargeable 2,700 mAh high-density Lithium-ion polymer (11.1 V)Charging time: approximately 55 ...

    59,99 €
  4. Parrot Bebop 2 motor kit

    4-motor kitThe motors were specially designed for the Parrot Bebop 2 to guarantee optimal performance and a long life.They are brushless rotating cage motors, designed specifically ...

    69,00 €
  5. Battery for Parrot minidrones

    550 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer (LiPo) battery for Parrot minidrones. Fly, roll, and jump longer!Compatible with the Parrot Jumping, Airborne Cargo and Night, Hydrofoil, ...

    13,99 €
  6. Battery pack & charger

    Battery charger and extra battery pack.Compatible with the Jumping Sumo, Night, and Race, the Airborne Cargo and Night, the Hydrofoil and the Rolling Spider minidrones.Pack ...

    22,99 €
  7. 4x Airborne & Hydrofoil Propellers

    Four plastic propellers specially designed for Parrot Airborne Cargo, Airborne Night and Hydrofoil minidrones. They have been developed to minimise the motors' power ...

    4,99 €
  8. Parrot Jumping Race Jett customisation kit

    Customisation kit for the Parrot Jumping Race Jett minidrone.Includes 2 complete wheels and 1 colour front panel representing the racing minidrone, Max, the taxi, Tuk Tuk, or the ...

    11,99 €
  9. Parrot DISCO Left and right wings

    The Parrot Disco's wings are aerodynamic and designed in expanded polyprolene reinforced with carbon tubes making them very light and shock resistant. Clip them easily onto ...

    69,00 €




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