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Parrot ANAFI USA available on the 2020 US GSA Schedule

Parrot x GSA

ANAFI USA drones shine again as the most serious proven solutions of the DIU Blue sUAS program.



Parrot, the drone pioneers, are again breaking drone industry boundaries by being the first of the DIU Blue sUAS approved systems to be available on the 2020 GSA schedule today.


This is yet another proof of the strength and reliability of the readily available ANAFI platform used by professionals over the last 2 years of its continual improvement.


Parrot has 10 years of established experience in drone development and manufacturing and is continuing to drive innovative and secure drone solutions to support military and government entities around the world.


Get now THE proven MADE IN USA, NDAA & TAA solutions for the U.S. government, agencies & military forces from the GSA’s catalogue:

ANAFI USA for military forces

ANAFI USA for government and federal agencies


To submit an inquiry regarding ANAFI USA, please visit the ANAFI USA contact portal.