Parrot releases ANAFI Software Development Kit

Press Release


Parrot SDK

Parrot reaches out to developers with the new Ground SDK for the ANAFI platform.


Today, we are releasing the first version of the new ANAFI Ground SDK. This is a big step for developers and people that want to integrate their software or service with our latest generation drone. Parrot releases open source libraries and software since the original A.R. Drone in 2011. We truly believe  that giving great tools to developers will enable new development and perspectives for the drone market.

Ground SDK comes with a lot of features:

– Native iOS and Android libraries to create applications in minutes.

– Video renderer and decoder, running on multiple platforms.

– Python framework

– Simulation environment

– 3D model


All those resources are accessible online, completely open source. You can find all the information on our developer portal, and the source code on our GitHub page: