Inspection and analysis of crops



Accelerating the inspection of your crops from the sky


Parrot's drone solutions facilitate the visual surveillance work of farmers so that crop inspection is no longer a long and demanding operation.

The analysis of images and videos captured during the drone's flight gives you a quick overview of your plots of land without having to cover the entire field yourself.


Parrot drones can be manually or automatically flown with a flight plan to map specific areas of your land without being an experienced pilot. 


Parrot solutions help the farmer in his decision making.


Parrot solutions simplify the life of the farmer who wants to analyze his crops.


The data captured by the drone is processed to map the plot of land. The farmer then has NDVI maps and zoning available within hours of the flight. These maps are an accurate X-ray of the entire plot of land to draw up a health inventory of the vegetation.


So Parrot solutions help the farmer to better identify the health status of the vegetation in order to make decisions based on plot data.


Parrot technologies to benefit the farmer


Parrot's business solutions have been designed to be easy to use. Integrated technologies make drone control accessible to everyone.


The farmer can control his drone manually to inspect his farm or plan an automatic flight over his plots of land, using his mobile device and the Parrot Skycontroller 2.


Analyze your plots of land and make decisions at the right time completely independently


Parrot solutions enable farmers to increase their independence to analyze their plots of land without needing to use outside contractors.


Thanks to the data collected via the Parrot solution, they can quickly analyze their plots of land, identify problem areas and make decisions about the right take action at the right time.

Parrot professional solutions


A comprehensive and powerful solution for monitoring your crops

Parrot BlueGrass
Parrot BlueGrass
Parrot BlueGrass
Parrot BlueGrass
Parrot BlueGrass

The End-to-End Drone Solution for Agriculture 


Parrot Bluegrass Fields is a comprehensive, ready-to-fly drone solution that spans the entire crop analysis workflow. Parrot Bluegrass Fields provides agriculture professionals with the insights they need to maximize their yields and boost the quality of their crops. 


• The rugged, easy-to-fly Parrot Bluegrass drone

• The industry-leading Parrot Sequoia multispectral sensor and a 14 MP front RGB camera

• ParrotFields mobile app to simplify the entire in-field workflow (one-year subscription)

• A full access to Pix4Dfields desktop and cloud software for further in-depth analysis of crop data gathered (one-year subscription)

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Product details


Pack Content:

  • 1 Parrot Bluegrass drone
  • 1 Parrot Sequoia multispectral sensor
  • 3 Batteries in total (3 x 25 minutes flight time)
  • 1 Battery charger
  • 1 Backpack
  • 1 Parrot Skycontroller 2
  • 1 Controller charger
  • 1 Radiometric Calibration Target
  • 4 additional propeller blades
  • 1 USB-A cable
  • One-year subscription to both ParrotFields mobile app and Pix4Dfields software (desktop & cloud)

Technical specifications


      • GENERAL :

        • Weight: 4 lbs
        • Size: 14 in x 16 in x 5.5 in
        • Removable propellers for transport

        • Range: Up to 1.24 mi with Parrot Skycontroller 2, in an unobstructed area free of interferences
        • Wi-Fi AC-type, 2 bi-band antennas (2,4 and 5GHz)

        • Battery life : 25 mins
        • 6700 mAh Lipo Battery
      • SENSORS :

        • Built-in GPS + GLONASS
        • Inertial Navigation System
        • Altimeter
        • Ultrasound
        • Optical flow vertical camera
      • FRONT CAMERA :

        • Photo: 14MP wide angle camera
        • Video: 1080p Full HD
        • Video streaming: 360p / 720p
        • Internal video memory: 32GB


        • Dimensions: 2.3x1.6x1.1 in
        • Weight: 2.5 oz
        • Photo mode: Up to 1 fps
        • Internal storage: 64 GB built-in storage
        • inertial measurement unit & magnetometer
        • Power: 5 W (~12 W peak)

        • Resolution: 1.2 MP, 1280x960 pixels
        • HFOV: 61.9°
        • VFOV: 48.5°
        • DFOV: 73.7°
      • 4 SEPARATE BANDS :

        • Green: 550nm +/- 40nm
        • Red: 660nm +/- 40nm
        • Red Edge: 735nm +/- 10nm
        • Near Infrared: 790nm +/- 40nm
      • RGB CAMERA :

        • Resolution: 16 MP, 4608x3456 pixels
        • HFOV: 63.9°
        • VFOV: 50.1°
        • DFOV: 73.5°

        • Dimensions: 1.8x1.5x0.7in
        • Weight: 1.2 oz
        • 4 spectral sensors (same filters as body)
        • GPS
        • Inertial measurement unit & magnetometer
        • SD Card slot
        • Power: 1 W


        • The ParrotFields application is currently available for iOS selected iPads only. The supported devices are listed below:
        • iPad Pro
        • iPad Air 2
        • iPad 5
        • iPad Mini 4
  • Premium customer support service

  • Spare parts for all drones

  • Secure payment methods & payment upon invoice available

  • Secure delivery

How To Prepare Your Parrot Bluegrass Fields For Flight

Learn how to prepare your Parrot Bluegrass Fields agriculture drone for its first mapping flight, with the help of Training Manager Andrea Blindenbacher.

How To Perform Real-Time Mapping With Your Parrot Bluegrass Fields Drone

Learn how to set-up your Parrot Bluegrass Fields agriculture drone in the field and fly your first real-time mapping flight, with the help of Training Manager Andrea Blindenbacher.

How To Perform Aerial Scouting With Your Parrot Bluegrass Fields Drone

Parrots' Training Manager, Andrea Blindenbacher, explains how to identify points of interest on your ParrotFields crop map and then scout these aerially with your Parrot Bluegrass Fields agriculture drone.

How To Import, Process & Analyse Imagery Captured By Your Parrot Bluegrass Fields

Parrots' Training Manager, Andrea Blindenbacher, explains how to take the multispectral images captured by your Parrot Bluegrass Fields drone’s Sequoia camera and process these photos, ready for analysis, using Pix4Dfields.

Efficient, Rugged & East-To-Fly Quadcopter Drone

Parrot Bluegrass Fields is a rugged and easy-to-fly quadcopter drone designed for both crop mapping and aerial scouting.


  • Cover large fields up to 65 ha (160 ac) at 122 m (400 ft) or fly low for greater resolution of down to 0.9 cm/px at 10 m (0.35 in/px at 33 ft) - single image.
  • Flexible vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capability ensures efficient operation, even in confined areas.
  • Three included batteries (25-minute flight time per battery) let you fly longer missions with greater ease and confidence.
  • Make short work of demanding environments with Parrot Bluegrass Field's robust, professional-grade carbon-fiber structure.
  • Intuitive Parrot Skycontroller 2 suits every pilot's needs.

Versatile Visual Scouting & Crop Mapping

Equipped with two integrated multipurpose sensors, Parrot Bluegrass Fields is the perfect professional drone solution for visual scouting and crop mapping.

  • An industry-leading multispectral Parrot Sequoia sensor allows for highly accurate crop mapping:
    • Four multispectral mono-bands (Red, Green, RedEdge, Near Infrared), 1.2 MP, global shutter
    • Multispectral GSD of 11.5 cm/px (4.5 in/px) at 122 m (400ft) flight height (or 2.8 cm/px (0.8 in/px) at 30 m / 100 ft)
  • Front 14 MP RGB Camera for fast and effective live scouting of problem areas, including the capture of photos and Full HD-quality video at 1080p.

Actionable In-Field Insights with ParrotFields Mobile App*

Parrot Bluegrass Fields makes mapping and scouting quick and simple.**


  • Perform fully automatic flights or fly manually over your crops.
  • Generate NDVI maps in real-time during flight.
  • Get the data you need faster. Compare NDVI maps to monitor the evolution of your crops from the convenience of your mobile device.
  • Explore areas of interest via Parrot Bluegrass Fields' unique semi-automated scouting flights. 
  • Capture photos and videos on-demand with the Parrot Skycontroller 2
  • Increase the value of the aerial data you capture by adding text annotations within the app and from the ground with the added benefit of taking GPS-tagged picture.


*To check the ParrotFields compatibility list, please check the “Technical Specifications” section above on this page

**Parrot Bluegrass Fields includes a one-year subscription to both ParrotFields mobile app and Pix4Dfields software (desktop & cloud)

In-Depth Crop Analysis with Pix4Dfields

Parrot Bluegrass Fields help you make smarter decisions with greater analysis by providing full access to Pix4DFields drone mapping software for agriculture.*


  • Identify in-field variability faster with the new instant processing engine (process 50 ha / 123 ac in 1.5 minutes)
  • Generate predefined or custom index maps for detailed crop performance analysis
  • Visualize and understand crop trends by comparing different data layers side by side
  • Create comprehensive zonation and prescription maps for more precise fertilizer applications
  • Import or draw field boundaries and annotate crop ‘focus areas’ for a more in-depth inspection
  • Export prescription maps to your tractor or Farm Management Information System for seamless integration into existing agriculture workflows


*Parrot Bluegrass Fields includes a one-year subscription to both ParrotFields mobile app and Pix4Dfields software (desktop & cloud)

Parrot Bluegrass Fields: The Better Way to Work In-Field

Parrot Bluegrass Fields provides agriculture professionals with a better way to work, thanks to its unique combination of rugged drone, accurate sensors, easy-to-use mapping and scouting ParrotFields app and robust post-processing software for agriculture. Parrot Bluegrass Fields is the only complete end-to-end drone solution designed from the ground up to make data collection and analysis quick, easy and efficient. 

Step 1. In-Field Set-Up

Parrot Bluegrass Fields is easy to transport and set-up. Carry your Parrot Bluegrass Fields drone in its tailor-made backpack, which conveniently houses three batteries that provide 25 minutes of flight time each, to your desired location. From there, simply connect your smart device to the included Parrot Skycontroller 2, prepare your first automatic flight via the ParrotFields mobile app and you're ready to start mapping.

Step 2. First Flight for crop mapping

Parrot Bluegrass Fields makes it easy to map multiple fields and generate NDVI crop maps. Just plan your flight using the ParrotFields mobile app and the drone will fly above your field, automatically map the area and create an NDVI map in real-time.

With Parrot Bluegrass Fields, you can fly high to cover larger areas or fly low for better resolution, depending on your project's requirements.

Step 3. In-Field Analysis

Using the NDVI map processed in real-time, it's easy to instantly analyze and compare crop data, including any potential problem areas. You can even compare current NDVI maps with past versions to track the evolution of your crops or add value to your map by adding text annotations.

Step 4. Follow-Up Flight for Aerial Visual Scouting

After identifying problem areas, you can perform a semi-automated follow-up flight using ParrotFields on any areas that require further analysis. Simply program a second flight based on the NDVI map result and the drone will automatically fly from one identified problem area to another. You can then take manual control of the drone, inspect each area with the front RGB camera (14 MP), take pictures of the video feed with the single push of a button on your Parrot Skycontroller 2 and get a better understanding of any potential problems affecting your crops.

Step 5. Ground Scouting

ParrotFields also allows you to complete aerial data with ground data. After flying over potential problem areas, operators can walk their fields and take pictures directly using the ParrotFields app. These images are GPS-tagged and can receive additional text annotations for easy reference.

Step 6. In-Depth Analysis

Whether through the cloud or their desktop computer, Parrot Bluegrass Fields solution lets operators further analyze the data collected through the included Pix4Dfields software. 

With Pix4Dfields, you can identify in-field variability, generate index maps, create prescription maps and much more.

Step 7. Seamless Workflow Integration

Parrot Bluegrass Fields solution seamlessly integrates into existing workflows. Pix4Dfields outputs can be integrated into almost any FMIS, and directly into tractors, which can then be utilized efficiently in the field and help farmers to know exactly where and how much to fertilize their crops.

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