AIRINOV is the pioneer and market leader of agricultural drone services. With AIRINOV, you can map the disparity and diversity of your plots with precision. You can use your drone and AIRNOV’s services to make a smart decision in the right place and at the right time on your farm.

View your maps wherever you want, whenever you want and with ease

AIRINOV First, first steps

With AIRINOV First, you can take your first steps in precision agriculture using a drone; each plot is unique and houses a large variety of differences.

The introductory offer of AIRINOV First enables you to easily process data using Parrot Sequoia. Parrot’s technology is easy to use, which is why you don’t need to worry about being a seasoned drone pilot or an I.T expert.

Your subscription allows you to benefit from free processing credits.

Starting out with Parrot Sequoia

In only 3 steps AIRINOV First provides an assessment of your crops and vegetation. You don’t need any specific technical skills to process the data. Not only can you automatically obtain high-resolution NDVI maps of the area the drone flew over, but you can also have a PDF report of the results.


Every time you send data, you receive an NDVI map (resolution 1m/pix):

  • There’s an absolute color scale and an adjusted color scale that highlights the differences in the crops and vegetation
  • Using ‘smart zoning’ you can intuitively understand the results


AIRINOV First is accessible to all Parrot Sequoia users (up to 10 ha(1)of free processing per day)

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AIRINOV Farming: See more to understand more

AIRINOV Farming is your go-to solution to understand your land better! All year round and on all crop types, you can monitor your plots using the different offers.


Execute several flights over the course of the season to make sure you don’t miss a thing in the development of your crops.


You only have to pay for what you consume. Each offer lets you pay for data processing per hectare and not for the amount of data sent to be processed.

The DEMETER offer: Ground vegetation

The Demeter offer lets you carry out an assessment of your plots using the NDVI index (resolution 30cm/pix). This index shows the health of your crops and the ground vegetation, highlighting the differences in the plots, enabling you to identify the various stress areas on all your crops, all year round.



The PERSEPHONE offer: Monitor your crops and vegetation

The Persephone offer lets you monitor your crops and vegetation using 3 complementary indicators: NDVI, NDRE and GNDVI (resolution 30 cm/pix).

  • NDVI monitors the ground vegetation
  • NDRE monitors the rate of chlorophyll in plants, indicating their health. NDRE also helps the NDVI indicator, especially when there are high levels of chlorophyll present
  • GNDVI monitors the photosynthetic activity in relation to water needs

These 3 indicators provide you with a health assessment of your plot, no matter what the crops and allow you to compare the different maps.


You can estimate the development of your crops in real time to make a smart decision in the right place and at the right time.



The CYBELE offer: Crop damage

The Cybele offer lets you map the damaged areas in your plots, using two complementary indicators: NDVI and MNS (resolution 30cm/pix).

  • NDVI monitors the ground vegetation
  • MNS monitors the height of the crops

By comparing the two maps, on one hand you’ll see areas where the vegetation activity is lower, and on the other hand you’ll see areas where the plants have collapsed. The report acts as a guide during the survey, so you don’t miss a thing.



How does it work?

Access AIRINOV Farming by subscribing for only €19 excl. tax per month (2) on The subscription gives you access to:

  • Trimming or importing KML: only processing the data you need
  • To make sensor measurements even more accurate


(2) Payable with an annual subscription of €228 excl. VAT, 12-month commitment, renewable subscription

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Founded in 2010 in a barn in Poitou, AIRINOV has not lost any of its farmer’s wisdom. The company continues to use its expertise to combine innovation and precision agriculture.

Nitrogen consulting offers

An AIRINOV technician accompanies you and guides you to make sure you use the correct dose of nitrogen on your cereals and rapeseed, ensuring you always make a smart decision in the right place and at the right time.


Depending on your strategy, you can choose the consulting offer that suits your needs best.


To find AIRINOV experts available in your area, contact:


The rapeseed offers

The AIRINOV rapeseed offers allow you to calculate the biomass of your rapeseed at the beginning and end of winter. You can also get advice on the dose of nitrogen you should use on your plots.

Depending on your goal, AIRINOV advises you on how to spread the nitrogen.

On average, a farmer can save up to €107/ha if he follows the advice correctly(4).


(4)Océalia study carried out over 3 years

The cereal offers

AIRINOV’s cereal offers allow you to improve your yields and the quality of your harvest, depending on the agronomic stage at which you flew over your plots.

Every time you use your drone, AIRINOV measures the level of nitrogen absorbed by plants and it also measures the quantity of dry matter.

Depending on your goal, AIRINOV advises you on how to spread the nitrogen.


On average, a farmer can save up to €69/ha if he follows this advice correctly

(5)Océalia study carried out over 3 years

From the drone to the spreader

No matter what equipment you’re using, with the help of AIRINOV’s technician you’ll get the best advice for your crops and fields.

The trials carried out by the research department

AIRINOV works alongside researchers and collection agencies to monitor their trials. From the very first collaboration with INRA for the development of a multispectral sensor, the relevance of experimental drone monitoring proved to be obvious; responsiveness and ease of data acquisition, standardization and objectification of measurements, geographical and temporal extension of the notations, etc. Drones provide qualified data that can complement or replace measurements and expertise acquired in the field.

AIRINOV’s experience, acquired over the agricultural UAV value chain allows it to carry out development projects dedicated to agro-industrial solutions.

Through its Experimentation service and its International service, AIRINOV puts all its expertise at the disposal of agribusiness so that each agricultural drone business solution becomes a driver of value creation on new crops and for new themes.

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